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Robert Chin | Technica
My software development projects, including NicePlayer and Active Timer. Also includes papers and and related help pages.

Photo Gallery
This is the new page that contains all of my latest photos, as well as links to older photos and the photo archive.

Information Resources
A growing amount of data will be added about random topics that are useful to me.

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Here's a list of all the sections that can appear in the random selection to the left, so you don't have to hit reload a bunch of times to get to where you want.

Why date a geek guy?
The answer to the question, "Why date a geek guy?" and various other tips, or something like that. Sorry, but this geek guy is already taken. On a related note, here's my geek code block.

Quit Coffee, Drink Tea
This is why you should quit coffee and drink tea instead. Basically, coffee is bad for your health, while tea is good. And tea tastes better, too.
Let R be the set of all sets which are not members of themselves.
Then R is neither a member of itself nor not a member of itself.