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How you can reach me:
AIM: hydroai
ICQ: 1136430 (Not used as often)
/.: robertchin (66419)
E-Mail: robertchin at akamail dot com
More information: UIUC ph entry for Robert Chin

Believe it or not, I was nominated for the Homecoming Court. "How in hell did this happen?!" You might ask. And you would be perfectly right. Either way you can view my 8" x 11" poster campaigning for my election to Homecoming Court.

Midnight Madness in Cupertino! has me at the OS X release at Elite Computers. More photos can be seen on Apple's site (3/23/02: It seems Apple has axed the page and replaced it with another one. Sorry, folks).
Bill Gates' Windows 98 intro at Comdex. A must see for any Windows fan.
An archival copy of Sendil dancing, brought to you by Martijn Stevenson.

Here's my Amazon.com Wish List if that's what you've come searching for.

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Totally Random Photos of What I Used to Be Like

Although my current identity is hidden from the public view due to copyright infringement issues, you can see what I was like when I was little kid. I was a cute little kid. I wonder what happened...

Me and a Pumpkin
Me in Northbrook, IL at age two.

And Me at the University of Illinois

In the Quad with my Dad
In the Quad Again with my Dad
In front of some building with my Mom
By Illini Union on my bike with my Sister

Trans-Operating System History

Once upon a time Robert Chin used a PC with Windows 3.1. Well, actually, he first started using an old monochromactic (yellow) IBM computer with an 80086 processor and no hard drive, but that was Before Time Started (Well, not exactly. Officially time started January 1, 1970, but that's a horse or a different color). Yes, Windows 3.1. Those were the days of system crashes. After awhile that machine became too slow and the business my dad worked at purchased a Dell XPS Pentium 133 machine for us, with Windows 95! Wow, that was sure something. Windows 95 had been long in the waiting, and it was no disappointment. Eventually my dad left the company and we had to give back the machine. That was no problem, because we then purchased a Dell Pentium Pro 200 machine - based on the chip most often known as the Best Chip that Intel Made at the Cheapest Price. Soon he made it into the Microsoft Beta program, and beta tested Windows 95 OSR2, Windows 98, Windows 98SE and Microsoft Windows Plus. He had actually started dual booting linux in August 0f 1997, however he did not use it as his primary operating system since he couldn't figure out how to configure his graphics adapter, he gave up and switched back to Windows.

In 1999, he started dual booting Slackware Linux Kernel 2.0.36 - mainly because Windows had been installed on his Pentium Pro for almost two years, and the slow bloating of the registry had caused the system to practically slow to a halt. Linux was fast enough; he figured out how to configure everything and so finally he gave in and deleted the Windows partition.

In March of 2000, he finally decided that he needed a new computer - the Pentium Pro was about four years old and three times obsoleted. Using money he made on the stock market, he purchased a Sun Ultra 10 (Ultrasparc II 440MHz) running Solaris in the hopes that hardware support for a commercial workstation such as this one would be better - he was tired of wasting time trying to get stuff to work. Unfortunately he was not satisfied, as true support for the product would have required him to shell out a lot of money...

So on Thursday, February 11th 2001, the third day of Macworld, he put in his order with Apple Computers for a G4 Laptop. He had grown addicted to the power of UNIX and would not leave to use another platform. But lo and behold, Apple had come out with OS X, based on the FreeBSD and the Mach kernel...and now, Robert felt that he finally would have the best of both worlds. Only time will tell.