Why date a geek guy?

I agree, this is a pretty lame list of sites to visit. But hey, you know, boredom got the best of me. It's not like I need a geek guy. No, you do. Actually, this is only here for the lame purpose of getting myself dates. And it worked. I'm taken. But my good friend Chris Cameron is not. He'll only date you if you understand the difference between countable and uncountable infinity. A good grasp of metric spaces wins brownie points.

If you have any other pages, essays, papers, testimonials, or whatever that you think I should link to, feel free to e-mail me at (robertchin at akamail dot com).

Of course, maybe you're a geek guy, here for curiosity's sake. And of course (from Bart's Dating Guide for Geeks, you know you're a geek if you find the following joke funny: "Knock, knock." "Who's There?" "Recurse" "Recurse who?" "Knock, knock.") Then you might appreciate a Systems Engineering Approach to Love, Dating and Relationships.


From Ariel, about Jay

"I'm dating a geek. And he's marvelous! He's so caring and sweet; he's intelligent and I never have to worry about him boozing in my abscence. He's the perfect boyfriend. He even enjoys long distance! (771.7 miles between UC and Syracuse) And when we're together he's uber-amazing. Any girl would be proud to have a geek of their own. Geeks are everything a girl wants and nothing she dislikes. A geek will never lie to you and shower you with gifts since they think about you all the time. I love my geek. I suggest one to any girl looking for a serious relationship."

From Julia, about Robert

"My boyfriend can fix my computer faster than your boyfriend."


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