Links to "Random Places on the Internet"

Overclock your Christmas lights
Do you own those new cheap LED christmas lights? Do they have an annoying 60Hz flicker? What to do...overclock them!

Coffee Machine Using Optical Monitor Technology
"One man's quest for the perfect cup of joe leads to a new coffeemaker." 'nuff said.

Doomsday Algorithm
What's the best way to calculate what day of the week for any day of any year happens to fall upon in your head? The doomsday algorithm!

How Thermoelectric Peltier-effect cooler/heaters work
You probably won't find this very interesting unless you know what peltiers are.

How supercavitation works
Supercavitation is a neat underwater concept for allowing things to travel in extreme speed.

How to make your own plasma tweeter
Plasma tweeters are mini tesla coils.

The Shakespeare Programming Language
A must see.

Links to "Random Sites I've Done"

The Artemis Project
The latest site I've done, created for the Botball robotics website competition. Won first place at the Silicon Valley Regional Competition.

OpenQubit Quantum Computing
Actually, I've done a lot more work than these two sites, but they have nowhere near the same appearance due to the new technologies developed for the internet (new methods, etc.) I have no idea why the original domain ( now points to a forwarding page to some pr0n (porn) site, since I do not own the domain.

Links to other people's sites

Chris Cameron
Former roommate, now a PhD student doing research in computer graphics at Carnegie Mellon.

James Tuley
Former roommate and co-developer of mac programming projects such as NicePlayer.