Works of Literature...

Plays in Iambic Pentameter I've Written

The Alchemist (2000)
A play in dactylic pentameter based on Coehlo's The Alchemist. Not completed, mostly because I don't have any motivation to finish it. If it's worthy enough to be produced by someone, than I'd be more than happy to write the other 2/3 of the novel.
Quetzalcoatl (2000)
Based on the events surrounding Cortez and Quetzalcoatl. The basic plot has been outlined, and the meter fits pretty well in the first scene, but the rest of the play is pretty rough and incomplete. Again, I don't have any motivation to finish it...yet...

Stories I've Written

First Encounter, Part I (1998)
I'm told it's very exciting. Surprising, since I wrote it quite a while ago - when I was a freshman in High School.
First Encounter, Part II (1998)
The short, and (IMHO) not as good, sequel to the above story.

Research Papers I've Written

3DOSX: Three Dimensional File System Browser (2002)
Published in September 2002's issue of ACM Crossroads Student Magazine.
Literature and the Struggle for Social Power (2001)
Different socially critical novels and how they are effective. Aimed at the writers who wishes to pursue a future writing socially critical novels.
Artificial Intelligence (1999)
Written when I was a sophmore in High School.

Short Essays I've Written

The Tree of Knowledge (2000)
Some grammar mistakes, but I'm told there are some good ideas incorporated into this novel about Milton's Paradise Lost